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in the Digital Era

Big Data Services,
Analyzing and Transforming


Quality Garanteed in
all of our services

IT Specialists

Supporting our customers through their digital reinvention, helping them acquire the greatest success in the pursuit of their company's goals.

Aggregated value to
your company

We provide products and services that generate aggregate value to companies by transforming their needs into ad-hoc solutions, within time and form.


WSS provides customers with up to date services, incorporating the latest technological advancements in areas such as:

Commerce & Services

Advantages & Benefits
from our services

WSS has a highly efficient infrastructure, allowing us to provide and guarantee impeccable quality in all our services with competitive prices and costs.

Personalized Services

The service to our customers is based on the "customer experience" philosophy, making our clients the company's center of attention, which is why WSS is structured to bring the best service of the highest order to achieve our customer's goals.

The DNA of WSS is its clients.

Technology & Aggregated Value

At WSS our R&D department is tasked with researching and analyzing the newest IT technology and global tendencies around the world.

Through this, WSS generate the necessary infrastructure for the development and execution of its projects.

Continuous Improvement

Since our beginning we've strived to continually evolve and improve our processes.

Our methodology is in constant improvement so we can succesfully develop new projects and challenges, also being one of the highest certified companies in the IT Industry.


Our fundamental guarantee for each project is quality, creating and evolving in a continuous state our methodologies, processes and quality control.

Project Orientation

At WSS all our projects are given personalized attention giving the best technological solutions within the given time frame, maintaining the desired quality and optimal attention.



Our offices around the world provide strategic support for each of our clients.